Carl Onbelet Quassel LoewenwappenMy name is Carl Onbelet and I live since 2006 in a beautifull town called Tessenderlo. In my professional life I'm an freelance IT consultant, but when my working day is over and I'm closing my laptop, I devote all my leasure timeto my dogs. Since many years I'm very passioned by German Shepherds and dogsport in general. Since I was a little kid my parents took me each weekend to a trial or a show. Both my parents were (and still are) very active in dogsport. In Januar 1986 at the age of 5 I became a member of the “VVDH” which is the Flamish Association for German Shepherds.

In the meantime I'm already 12 years a helper at our club and on IPO-competitions. During that period I was a competition helper on many important IPO-trials. I'm thinking of the “VVDH Championship”, the “Belgian Championship for German Shepherd Dogs”, the “Belgian Championship for Belgian Shepherds”, the “Belgian Championship for all breeds”, the “WUSV-Universalsieger”, …. And many more….

My own Kennel

It has always been a dream to have my own kennelname and in 1999 I founded my the kennel “vom Ratsenheim”.

Many people ask me where the name “Ratsenheim” is coming from. The name “Ratsenheim” has of course a special meaning for me. It reminds me of the two dogs where it all started with.

  • Ratta van de Prinsenakkers was the mother of my first litter.
  • Tsenna von Santamar was the first dog that I really owned.

Each and every litter is some sort of a new adventure. Although breeding is demanding a lot of effort and energy, it remains one of the most beautiful things in dogsport. Especially when your dogs reach the National or World Championships!

I wish you a lot of fun while visiting my website!